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.com, thank you so much. tonight in our phone call survey i asked should president obama and congress raise taxes to balance the budget? 77% of you said yes. 23% of you said no. that's "the ed show." i'm ed schultz. thanks for watching tonight here in our new time slot. >>> right versus far right. let's play hardball. >> good evening, i'm chris matthews in boston. leading off tonight, fight on the right. for the first time in decades we're looking at a real split in the conservative movement. this time over foreign policy. on one side, bill crystal, support the democracy movement in egypt, see the gop as freedom party. tea party, beck and palin were pushing conspiracy theories involving collaboration by the two president bushes and president obama or all three in fact in a muslim world order. this weird fight is our gripping top story tonight. next, donald rumsfeld, former defense secretary has been promoting a book in which he says, contrary to the facts, it was president bush who first pushed fighting the war in iraq after 9/11 when it was, yes, mr. rumsfeld yourself, sir. plus you want t
obama in 2007. >> and understand this, if american workers are being denied their right to organize and collectively bargain when i'm in the white house, i'll put on a comfortable pair of shoes myself and walk on that picket line with you as president of the united states ofç america, because workers deserve to know that somebody is standing in their corner. >> oh, that is so true. where is that man? where is he? what happened? now that you're in the white house you couldn't find a comfortable pair of shoes to get out there on that picket line. he said i'll be right there with you. since thursday, not a word, not a word. what has he done since collective bargaining rights of the people in wisconsin have been challenged? i'm telling you. he doesn't have comfortable shoes on, he has comfortable slippers on. and he put them on. of course, the excuse he always uses is oh, no, it would be a distraction. it would seem like -- of course it's political! it's a tough political fight. you know who they could use? they could use their leader. but he hasn't gone out there. he hasn't even said
to the present sharia law and leadership of the, of the ayatollahs. >> how has president obama done handling the middle eastern sense? >> i think he's done quite well the last three weeks in handling the egyptian situation. at first, he and the secretary of state and the vice president were saying that mubarak was our friend, that we needed to have stability and that someday there might be a change there, and we trusted mubarak to make the changes. that was the first series of statements made by the president and all of his subordinates. but as the teems changed from -- times changed from one week to another, they became more and more supportive of the dissidents who were demonstrating against mubarak and then, finally, the president announced that he wanted to see the changes made to a democracy and freedom now. and that's when mubarak responded very angrily that he wouldn't respond to outside pressure. so i would, i would say that in general that obama has handled egypt very well, about the same way i would have handled it the same way if i were in office. [laughter] i probably would have
continue to grow while domestic spending is going to be flat over the next 5-10 years under president obama's budget. there was a much ballyhooed announcement they were cutting $70 billion over the next five years at the pentagon. but in fact, that was a reduction from a previous projections for growth. so, the total amount -- which is a famous budget tricky here in washington -- so the total amount will continue to increase. i think as we discussed earlier, the major programs are continuing on. some of them slightly scaled back but the budget is still projecting a second engine for the f-35 although the president opposes that. congress continues to spend on that. it should be noted the factory where it will be billed is next to john vander's district in ohio. and at other military programs. where there may be reductions in military spending may be supplemental authorization as we wind down the wars in iraq and afghanistan, presuming the political situation in those countries go well. the caller mentioned nasa. nasa was slated for cuts in the house republican plans, along with a lot of scie
theories involving collaboration by the two president bushes and president obama or all three in fact in a muslim world order. this weird fight is our gripping top story tonight. next, donald rumsfeld, former defense secretary has been promoting a book in which he says, contrary to the facts, it was president bush who first pushed fighting the war in iraq after 9/11 when it was, yes, mr. rumsfeld yourself, sir. plus you want to know what's behind the sudden pressure to get jeb bush to run for president? hopelessness, less to do with bush himself than the republican field of next turners out there and second raters who pose a weak challenge to president obama next year. also, who would have thought the challenge to the health care bill would come from senate democrats? tonight the four moderates out there and some who may have more to say about killing, the key individual mandate in the bill than all the republicans put together. let me finish tonight with that big announcement in philly today that the country is going to actually build, really build, a fast national train system. let'
was very tough on him. i mean, i question obama. that's what you're supposed to do. by the way, o'reilly, you know, that's what o'reilly does and obama knew what he was getting into. it would be much better to have that back and forth which worked well for barack obama, thank you very much. >> pat buchanan, norah o'donnell and jonathan capehart. there you go. >> it's stunning, though. bill maher, bill o'reilly's not a patriot? >> that's ridiculous. >> look at what bill maher said about george w. bush and dick cheney. they were body blows for eight straight years. >> look, you invite bill o'reilly for a q & a, you get bill o'reilly for a q & a. sam donaldson did the same thing when he interviewed presidents back in the 1980s. people would say, here comes sam. if you can't handle it, get out of the kitchen. >> the president did handle it. i think the president got the best of everybody on there and the millions and millions and millions of people watching saw a president when he was asked why do people hate you, saw him laugh. he brushed the question aside and this is good for him.
election he warned that barack obama's presidency would be like a jimmy carter second term. the joke didn't need any explanation. democrats responded to the differences between obama and president carter, not by defending the former president. even if carter became known for having one of the most active post presidential careers in american history, his time in the white house has remained a symbol of failed presidential leadership. over the past few months there have been many commentators who have compared obama to carter rather than fdr, and the nuns or ronald reagan. the point is clear. in contemporary political debate and in most history textbooks carter is consistently remembered as a president who failed to articulate a compelling political vision and who was unable to hold his party together. the image of a worn down carter hold up in the white house desperately trying to resolve the iran hostage crisis in to the final hours of his term became almost as iconic as the images of president john f. kennedy huddled with his brother robert trying to avert a nuclear war during the cuban
and the eventual lift of egypt's emergency law. back here in the u.s., president obama sad s.a.t. down with fox news host bill o'reilly for a one-on-one interview. >> mr. obama says even though he doesn't know what egyptian president hosni mubarak plans to do, country is not going to be the same. >> egypt is not going to go back to what it was. the egyptian people want freedom. they want free and fair elections. they wasn't representative government. they want a responsive government. what we've said is you have to start a transition now. >> reporter: president obama also said it is important not to say that our only two options are the muslim brotherhood or to suppress the egyptian people. >>> checking out top stories, 15 people rounded up in a prostitution bust in the district. this happened saturday after police serveed a warrant on an apartment building in the 3100 block of georgia avenue northwest. two people were charged with operating a house of prostitution. another 13 face either solicitation or profit tuesday charges. owner of the building tells fox 5 he never saw anything unusual or
in the port in libya. it's unlikely they will leave libya until tomorrow. this comes as president obama is speaking out against the violence. the u.s. is looking at a number of options to respond. reports from libya are conflicting. some images show a peaceful, quiet streets. others show brutal crackdown on anti-government protesters. >> they opened fire on us and we saw the death. the government did not care that we were foreigners. god forgive them for what they did to us. >> roughly 1000 people have died since violence erupted earlier this month. libyan leader muammar gaddafi is making a grave threats. >> tahlequah operates with fallen countries in order to instigated war against libya, their punishment will be execution. -- whoever cooperates with foreign countries in order to investigate war against libya, their punishment will be execution. >> maybe they could ask oil companies to stop operating in that country. oil prices are spiking already because of the unrest. courtney robinson, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >>> the death toll from the tuesday earthquake in new zealand is rising
to transform not only lives but transform the systems because the systems need to be healing systems. as obama says, we need to start uttering healing words. president obama said that at the tucson memorial. we have to start uttering healing words to one another instead of wounding words. what we are trying to do is create systems -- school systems and juvenile justice system is that he'll instead of juvenile justice systems and school systems that continue to wound our youth. >> can i just say something about the systems of discipline in schools? so that before it even gets to the place where it is an issue, is that those systems definitely need changing. the question that parents need to ask when they have been told that their child has been involved in some misbehavior is to ask what was happening? what were the conditions? what were the circumstances? what were the antecedence that led to this behavior? because if we do not fix those, we will seed the systems you talk about. [applause] it is amazing how many young people can be turned back from negative behavior if the situation is appropr
. >>> if a clash over cash on capitol hill. president obama address the nation defending his budget decision. earlier, he was met with heavy criticism. we are live in the newsroom with more on the looming budget battle. >> maureen, we have heard the president under the phrase that we need to look at the budget carefully with a scalpel and not a machete. they think he is barely making any decision and needs to be much more aggressive. the president says he's taking away from programs that he cares deeply about. trying to reel in the national debt that looms so large if you stack it for $1 bills, you could reach the moon four times. the president says it is time to be responsible. >> we will not be running up the credit card anymore. that is important. it is hard to do. it is necessary to do. >> the goal is by the end of the decade to make sure did not spend more than we take in. that means despite the $3.70 trillion budget, some serious cuts. even some democrats are against like millions of from financial aid for colleges and helping the poor hate to pay for their heating bills. >> this is a
of corruption, corruption, corruption. these countries love the united states and sent to obama election attitude have been changed. they love president obama and they wish they had a president like obama. now it is time for the u.s. to get rid of all of the governments of the middle east and u.s. set up in the democracy and all of these countries. people of the middle east are tired of islam and have no problem with the state of israel. the u.s. has all the resources to do so. we have plenty educated people in these countries working and living in these countries. we love the u.s. for what it stands for. u.s. can use these people to set up a fair and democratic -- democratic government. host: we need you to wrap up. caller: the only thing i am trying to tell you, the american people should realize the people in this part of the world are tired. i go back and forth and whenever i go -- because of corruption, retaliation, everything. host: steve, what got to let you go. his main message -- the people in that region of the world are tired. the next phone call is from alexandria, virginia.
of the union address, president obama only pointed out one program he was going to cut. that was the community action programs. if i understand it thashgsz the program that helps low income people in the country. there are more poor people right now than ever in america. i don't understand why tax cuts for the rich go so smoothly. and the president cuts for poor people. thank you. >> jacob luie points out that the president makes tough choices. >> on the independent line, how deep should the budget cuts go? caller: pretty deep. i agree with reagan's old budget consider direct or the tax cuts are silly too. he said we have to increase taxes. it is not going to be able to get us where we want to go. leif: give us a call. or join on line at twitter domenici/c-span wj or send us an email throughout the morning. a caller from niceville, georgia. good morning. this country became very rich and wealthy on the back of the poor and slafs. this problem we have now is again being paid by the poor. it is going back to the sim way it has always been. i am not born here but i am an american. accept it has
for the program nationally and locally? those are espoused by ice and the obama administration and those that have been publicly stated by participating state and local levels of government. third, how is the -- how has the program implemented originally or sense the 2009 program revisions by the obama administration? how strong is program oversight and supervision? the u.s. and general government accountability office and dhs office of inspector general have been highly critical in recent reports and we want to see how this was working in practice in our 7-study sites. are the costs, benefits, and community benefits? these are difficult to quantify we do provide the qualitative evidence around these impacts as well as an affirmation more quantitated. finally, we make recommendations for improving the program. there are basically two major framing issues around our findings that i would like you to keep in mind during this presentation. the first of these is on the level of targeting. this has changed somewhat over the course of the program's history. ship date 287-g program focus on people that t
"washington journal" is next. . . host: we want to get your thoughts this morning on the obama administration's approach to egypt, what they have done and what they have said so far. the phone numbers are on the screen for you. we have a fourth line for egyptians living in the united states. before we get to your phone calls and hear more from the white house, jim michaels joined us on the phone. jim michaels, "usa today" military writer and he is in egypt. mr. michaels, can you set the scene for us? what is it like? guest: it is a massive protest. what has been remarkable over the past couple of days is just the fact that both sides, despite the tension and the numbers of people and all the risks, both the army and the people protesting have avoided, until now, any confrontation or violence. there are thousands of people pouring into tahrir square. the chanting is going on. it's almost like a festival atmosphere. some people have their faces painted with the egyptian national colors. people are bringing kids in some cases. there's a lot of chanting going on. there's a couple effigies of muba
of accountability by the obama administration for the agreements, situations like these will continue and will be made worse through the expansion of secure communities. i applaud the commendable efforts by local law-enforcement officials like nevada who are using this power judiciously and to take this approach in a very targeted manner. i also applaud their efforts for working with community members to ensure that the focus on the business of public safety and enhancing community policing efforts. however, in a highly-charged political environment like georgia where politics of the day supercede smart law- enforcement practices, then one has to question the delegation of such important federal power of immigration enforcement. when sheriff's with this power refuse to meet with community members to address a very serious concern about the impact of public safety, then one has to question the true priority the obama administration truly has for this program. unfortunately programs in georgia have been subjected to a high degree of politics of the day of law enforcement officials are a
well under president obama's 2012 but budget. dc would receive $149 million, under the plan. metro would receive $150 million for upgrades. but republicans want to cut money for d.c. and metro. coming up, more on what the budget means for the d.c. area and the rest of the nation. >>> nays are 144, the bill is passed. >> the house passed a bill to extend provisions of the patriot act another 10 months. allow the government to use roving wiretaps and access records relative to but terrorism investigation. that legislation now moves to the senate. >>> egyptian military leaders want to end the disruptive protests in the wake of the revolution. but the spirit of that revolution is spreading. protesters took to the streets in iran, bahrain, yemen, and algeria. police have mobilized to quell those demonstrations. >>> google tries to keep up with computer hackers. fedex shares may take a hit in today's trading. >> linda bell joins us from new york with details on this. >> good morning. as the washington area is thawing out from the winter freeze, those affected are fedex and others. if the
. >> president obama speaks to the right wing chamber of commerce today. i think that's a really bad idea and i'll explain why. >>> a week after republicans tried to redefine rape, a state representative in georgia wants to stop calling women who suffered rape victims. are republicans waging a war on women? >>> a reagan reality check. the real ronald reagan would make tea partiers sick. my case on how republicans today would be trashing the liberal policies. i did say liberal. >>> simpson calls for drastic spending cuts in a way no one else can. first he talked about milking cows and now he's talking about other body parts. >>> all right. today president obama went over to the chamber of commerce to make nice with big business. i think that's a bad idea. i want to explain to you why. first of all, the chamber of commerce is without a doubt a right wing organization. you shouldn't feed the bear that wants to eat you for lunch. that's a saying i just made up. what do you think? all right. now i'll show you why. last year the chamber spent $33 million to defeat the democrats in the mid terms. that
, there's no going back to the way things were. >> reporter: president obama heard the news this morning and like most of us, he turned on the tv and watched in cairo. he's due to make a statement in about 90 minutes. i'm joel brown, back to you. >>> and the complete coverage continues as we look at cairo. we're back with the latest on that celebration and more. >> reporter: the crowds erupted in cairo as soon as president mubarak handed over the power to the military and announced he's resigning. look at tahrir square. hundreds of thousands waved flags. we have a reporter there reporting on the celebrations. >> reporter: we're in the middle of tahrir square. the crowds were spectacular. just a little while ago, once this announcement was made that mubarak was gone, this entire square erupted in a state of euphoria. it's disbelief. the people have tears in their eyes and people are shouting, god is great. can you believe this is happening. can you believe this is true. that's what they're saying. they were brought to the brink of this last night. everyone thought he would say he's leavin
some because late 2009 into early 2010 as obama's numbers were taking across-the-board on all the issues. one issue, barack obama had a plurality of support and approval on terrorism and national security. the question is this why did this politics happen when the reality everyone seems to be otherwise to answer that we have pat caddell and john mclaughlin. >> hi am not trusting with anything mechanical. >> you are setting me up for the fall. >> watching what is happening in egypt this could not be a more perfect panel. watching president obama reminds me of charlie brown and the football. every time you think he is gone he is back. the point joel just made that is important to discuss, we are here on behalf of secure america now organization when you go to their web site, in the same spirit of my friend richard dreyfuss who are am happy to see here. we are stunned by a lot of people for being here but the idea of this group is a grassroots to new group and grass-roots effort to developed -- to secure america, input into our political discourse the point joel just made. 9% of
. host: thank you for your call. earmjarks if they are not made in congress, does obama get to direct spending? back-to-back "the new york times. next is a caller from dallas, texas, good morning, independent line. caller: is this for me? good morning. i don't have too much to said. i have a comment. i just want to say that i don't know too much about these politics. the question i have is why is everything having to do with the poor have to be cut concerning how the poor. i believe that people want to work and we need jobs here in america. this is like our birthright of america has been deeded over to foreigners. this is our country first. it is not that they are not welcome here. you want to believe that the president has a heart, that he is cutting the most important things. you just don't know with the gop power and the conservative people that are constantly on him. for those who are tired of the poor, let us have the training to have the wall street jobs. i'm sure it would not take too much to catch on making lots of money. thank you very much. host: here is another point -- nex
the white house to chicago's mayor- elect. president obama sent good wishes to rahm emmanuel within hours of his victory. in october, he resigned as white house chief of staff to return to chicago to run for mayor. he will take office on may 16th. >>> coming up next, we'll take a look at what is happening in libya and how that is impacting gas prices in the u.s. no 70- degree temperatures in sight any time soon but we are in for a little bit of a warm-up. tucker has the full forecast when fox 5 morning news returns.  [ alarm blares, indistinct conversations ] [ female announcer ] important events can sneak up on you. can i have a couple weeks? [ female announcer ] but with yoplait light's two week tune up, you could be ready you could lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks when you replace breakfast and lunch with a fruit, grain, and yoplait light. betsy bets. you haven't changed a bit. neither have you... sean. well, yeah. [ female announcer ] go to to start your two week tune up. this week yoplait light yogurt is only 20 for $10 at giant. >>> welcome back. tucker is
. >>> capitol hill is getting ready for battle over president obama's 2012 budget proposal. in administration says that the plan freezes government spending and cuts the deficit over the next 10 years. but republicans say it does not go far enough. >>> the d.c. region was apparent from the most painful parts of the spending plan, but nothing is safe just yet. >> brianne carter has a closer look at the impact before us. >> good morning. you have already seen some back- and-forth about the budget. the president's proposal is said to have some good news in it for d.c. the proposal would include keeping the program that allows d.c. students to remain in state and have in-state tuition at a number of universities across the country. it also maintains funding for city, public, and charter schools. that reinforces education as a priority of this administration. that's what we heard yesterday from the president. the smithsonian institution would get a $100 million increase to build a new museum. the smithsonian budget for salaries and for facilities would see a little bit of a cut. we have seen the b
objection. mr. demint: thank you, mr. president. this week, president obama gave a speech about health care, or actually i guess it was last week now. the speech was at a fancy hotel near washington, and he told jokes to make everyone laugh and sad stories to endear his audience further to his cause. the president said, as he has many times before, his law will lower the cost of health care. president obama knows how to give a good speech and he also knows how to tell it like it isn't. while president obama was busy selling his policies on the stump, others were busy analyzing the real effects of his health care law. it's not limiting cost. now, we heard some of the figures given by the democrats here from the congressional budget office but we have to expose that they're really playing with numbers. if you tell the congressional budget office to take $500 billion from medicare that's already bankrupt and can't pay doctors to see patients, but you take $ 500 billion and call that savings that are created by obama-care -- that's part of where they get their money. the other part is to raise
situation for egypt. we are hearing now from president obama. he says the egyptian people should decide the process of transition. >> they want freedom and fair and free elections, they want a representative government and responsive government. you have to transition now. mubarak has decided that he's not running for reelection. his term is up this year. >> the president says egypt will not be the country that it once was. thousands are still gathered in the main square in cairo this morning demanding mubarak's immediate resignation. courtney robinson reporting. back to you. >> thank you. >>> president obama spoke about the crisis in egypt during a pre-super bowl interview with bill o'reilly. mr. obama says that he cannot force the tipton president to step down immediately, but he says that he is confident the to to people will establish a representative government that the u.s. can work with. >>> the lombardi trophy is returning to the title town. the green bay packers took on the pittsburgh steelers in super bowl xlv last night. aaron rogers led his team to its first super bowl win i
>>> president obama unveils his budget plan. >> we'll take a look at what is on the chop be block and what could take a boost. >>> the republicans are laying out their proposals in response to the plan. it could mean metro could tax a multimillion-dollar hit to its budget. fox 5 morning news continues right now. >>> let's take a look out from our tower cam this morning down along the wisconsin avenue corridor on this tuesday morning. it is february 15th now. good morning and thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm he gurvir -- i'm gurvir dhindsa. tony is in now to tell us about the forecast. >> yeah, the winds is blowing things around out there. here is a look at the lated sustained winds that we've been seeing around the region. 14miles per hour in wash. 10 in annapolis. 14 in manassas. dulles, 18 miles per hour. so a pretty good brisk wind out there. we expect the winds to blow between 10 and 20 miles per hour generally this morning. and then gusting up to around 25 miles per hour or so. current temperature, 35 degrees. relative humidity is a
. gloria, the conventional wisdom has it that the government shutdown would help president obama politically, like the one back in '95 helped bill clinton politically. does that conventional wisdom hold in this case given the mood of the country. >> well, you know, at this point, i think what voters voted for is the congress and the president to work together and get something done, wolf, and if you go to the brink on this and you have a government shutdown, sure, perhaps president obama and democrats could benefit a bit from it, but overall, independent voters do not like this brinksmanship. they want it to end. that's what they vote for. you know, when they voted democrats out of office, it wasn't a mandate for the republicans per se. it was a mandate to get something done, so i actually think it's in neither side's interest right now to shut this government down, and it sounds like, if you listen, the leaders of both parties and the president don't want to do it. i think the wild card here, wolf, are the 87 new republican house freshman who may say -- who may not have been thr
obama awarded the medal of freedom to 15 people including gene kennedy smith, sam musial, yo yo ma and former president george h.w. bush. >> with the steady diplomatic hand of president bush that made impossible an achievement once thought impossible. ending the cold war without firing a shot. >> the medal of freedom is the nation's highest for a civilian. mr. bush cited over 70 years of public service. that's one of the things he talked about, he started that service in world war ii. those are your headlines. >> congratulations to everybody. >> congressional lawmakers breaking out the red pens this morning proposing major changes to the president's new budget proposal. peter doocy is live in washington with the latest. peter? >> brian, that's right. even though congress is still trying to figure out how to fund the government for the rest of 2011, president obama has sent his man from the white house office of management and budget, jack lew over to capitol hill to defend his suggested budget for 2012 and that's a perfecty tall order because so many in congress especially the ne
-on-one with president obama. >> they touched on the recent crisis in egypt and o'reilly even took aim at the president's popularity. sarah simmons joins us with more on the interview. >> reporter: good morning. it was a very different face- off before the game and a lot of people watched it as fox commentator bill o'reilly sat down with a live interview with premier and he had some very pointed questions for him. president barack obama and fox's bill o'reilly one on one. the live pre-super bowl interview touching on a number of topics including the ongoing unrest in egypt. president obama saying even though he doesn't know what hosni mubarak plans to do, country will not be the same. >> egypt will not go back to what it was. the egyptian people want freedom. they want free and fair elections. they want a representative government. they want a responsive government. what we've said is you have to start a transition now. >> reporter: on the matter of health care reform, president obama sounded off on a recent ruling by a federal judge in florida declaring the bill he signed into law last year unconstitu
the obama administration, which is absolutely disheartening to me. i was hoping that the patriot act would get a review first thing when he was elected and there was a democratic majority. in both houses. but that didn't happen. we are just going to have to wait and see it and get the test in the courts, which i am very proud to say is being led by the librarians of this country. host: a court case currently? caller: i am sure it is working its way up. another was a connecticut four, i think they were called, four different librarians in connecticut that got nsl's and fought them. host: can you tell us how it works when the library receives a national security letter? not so many times necessarily but how does it work. caller: an agent will come in with and nsl and they will present it to whomever is at the desk, circulation desk, and, let's say, your library records -- everything you have read and records of all your internet access. that clerk then must turn over whatever is available. now, most automatic purge is simply go back about two weeks. host: the fbi does not have software to ge
in the district. >>> president obama tried to rally democrats to support his new spending plan and threatening to veto budget cuts but the white house may be in for a long fight. we get the latest from doug luzader. >> reporter: even some democrats weren't thrilled with the president's new budget so the white house is hoping to change the minds and brace for battle. as president obama strode to the podium yesterday, he did little to hide his frustration over charges that his budget is too timid. >> let's face it, you guys are pretty impatient. if something doesn't happen today, then the assumption is it won't happen. >> reporter: the white house seemed taken aback spending the day trying to convince everyone about the budget. but the combination of spending cuts seem to alienate democrats and republicans. republicans said the spending is out of control. >> the federal government is borrowing nearly 40 cents of every dollar that it spends. the president's budget as unveiled yesterday does not deal with that situation and in fact makes it even worse. >> reporter: and left untouched in the budget
republican paul brown of asked at a town meeting who's going to shoot obama, on hearing that, without objecting to what he did, the next word heard from the congressman were, "i know there's a lot of frustration with this president." only when it became a national story today did brown condemn such talk of shooting the president, so one month after gabby giffords' shooting, brown's initial silence is another example of republicans refusing to take on their supporters no matter how violent or crazed their words. it's our top story tonight. >>> plus, wisconsin. regardless of what wins the union fight, both parties see big advantages for their side. the democrats hope it will re-energize their base. republicans are banking that getting tough with the demands of public employees is a good political move. who's right? >>> also out of africa, a ferry carrying more than 300 americans arrived in malta this afternoon after being stranded in libya for two days because of high seas. once the ferry was safely away from libya, the united states suspended embassy operations in tripoli and announced
and work on the bill that would ultimately become president obama's health care reform. but it didn't happen. the democrats lost an election in massachusetts for the senate seat. and that changed the paradigm, that changed the narrative, that changed the debate. and then what happened? the house took up the bill passed by the senate, conveniently a bill that had been passed by the house of representatives the summer before as a housing bill, h.r. 3590, look it up at home. 3590, passed the senate. why would senator reid, why would the other body take up a previously passed house bill and turn it into a health care bill? because it wasn't a health care bill. it was a tax bill. it was a tax bill that had by constitutional authority had to originate in the house of representatives. so then the other body had the perfect vehicle. take the housing bill, strip out the housing language, put in the health care language, pass it on christmas eve and we'll gather back after the new year's eve festivities and create a conference committee and pass the president's signature health care legislati
at obama care and the data financial bill, there is a lot of -- d theodd the financial bill. you are going to tell the american people what you are going to do. if you're the president, that sounds like a nice idea and give you the imperial presidency. if you decide to run and if you are elected as president, having that amount of power, having a boss out congress in your hands, is that something you love or something you would hate? >> that is something i would love for the following reason. >> to hold all that power in your hands? >> i would love it. if you get the right president, it's a good thing. if you get the wrong president, it's a bad thing. second, the president's responsibility is to lead. you have a -- you have 535 members of congress. they are not going to put together a strategic plan for america. a strategic plan for america. they are not going to be able to do it. that is why we have the office of the president. secondly, the reason that the founders set it up the way they did was that we needed to have a leader. here is the other big difference between me if i were presid
of president obama's infrastructure and technology agenda. after that, former president george h. w. bush and john lewis received the presidential medal of freedom at the white house. recently, former president jimmy carter sat down at the lyndon johnson presidential library in texas to talk about his presidency and the situation in the least. he commented on his work with the carter center. this form as an hour and 15 minutes. -- this forum is an hour and 15 minutes. >> my name is tom johnson. i'm a friend of the lbj family. 16 years ago, the first harry middleton lector took place in this auditorium. the next day, ladybird johnson, who established the lectureship to honor the man who was then library director, wrote to him to express her pride and her gratification that the event had been "a watershed day in the life of the lbj library." she was moved by what she felt was the chemistry that the speaker had created between himself and his audience, which was heavily composed that day by students. contrary to the fog of cynicism and gloom we have seen as a country to have been wrapped in
address, president obama talks about the need to improve education to complete globally. he gets it from the intel organization facility that he visited yesterday near portland, oregon. he is followed by tom price with the gop address. represented a price talks about the president's 2012 budget request and the need to cut government spending to create a better environment for job creation. his remarks follow a series of amendments passed by house republicans early this morning that would produce 2011 fertile spending by $61 billion. -- federal spending by $61 billion. >> i am speaking to you outside portland, ore. where i am visiting pinto, a company that helped pioneer the digital age. i just toured the assembly line where workers are building microprocessors to run everything from desktops to smartphones. but these workers are not just manufacturing high-tech computer chips. they are showing us how america will win the future. for decades, intel has led the world in developing new technologies. even as global competition has intensified, this company has invested, build, and hired righ
no longer including the use of hot lanes. >>> president obama is expected to open up today about something he rarely talk about in public. >>> the term fell to duke last night. worried about fires on campus? this one was legit. we'll talk about it coming up. what bold taste... of -- oa coffee -- it's so rich, but so just a dollar. on the dollar menu at breakfast. and that's what we're made of. ♪ ba da ba ba ba my sistersundays are just tofor watching football. believe that? [ thinking ] relax. you ordered off mcdonald's dollar menu at breakfast. everything's so good and just a buck. so go. he's a jerk. [ thinking ] the simple joy of being smart. ♪ >>> remember this? clashes between students and police caught on camera last march after maryland and duke played on campus at college park. it led to and fbi investigation of the bridge county police department and its officers' actions that night. last night, the terps had a strict -- last year rather the terps had a victory over the blue devils. not the case last night. the score was 80-62. duke has won eight of nine against maryland now a
with president obama, the president of the united states, a democrat, or essentially fight and litigate all those issues in the 2012 campaign. >> bill bennett squirming, david gergen asked. no, it wasn't crystal clear to me, david, it was addressed just to republicans. >> that's a fair point. >> it followed the strong statement about changing the tax code, how horrible that is and this is a big part of what we believe in. but the problem is we're miles away, miles away. >> sorry, guys. i need to jump in. >> i'm not squirming. >> i'm very sorry. i need to jump in because they're about to have a ribbon cutting here. as part of the centennial, they did wonderful renovations at the library. back outside. i'm in the air force one pavilion but let's watch what is about to happen here. they have renovated this library. there are remarkable exhibits. it is a place to learn and study history whether you're a republican, democrat, independent. that is one of the marine one helicopters there. they're having a ribbon cutting to say a reopening on this 100th birthday of ronald reagan. let's watch nancy reagan
about why they think that is important to do. >> one other note on that, president obama met with the chinese president when he was here recently. they discussed intellectual property enforcement. the president received a small concession, which was that the chinese government would take care to avoid purchasing pirated software -- software. what can be done to convey the importance of this issue? >> that is -- it time actually does that, we will wait and see, it would be a good first step. if you are imposing that ethic on the people who are charged with enforcing the laws in china, then they might have a greater appreciation for the rampant amount of piracy taking place in china, far worse than any other country in the world. recently, the ceo of microsoft came and talked to me and a few others, and said that comparing china to russia, which has a bad reputation itself, they believe that the rate -- china is much more populous -- the rate of internet that based upon the number of computers in china is six times as great in china as in russia. worldwide, the piracy that is t
captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011] host: president obama unveils the 2012 budget blueprint yesterday -- $3.70 trillion. he says it will reduce the deficit by $1.10 trillion over 10 years. by comparison, the deficit commission calls for $4 trillion in savings over the same time period. the proposal also includes a five-year spending freeze on non-defense discretionary spending for a savings of $400 billion. in total the president wants to spend $18.7 billion in 2012. good morning on this tuesday morning, february 15, 2011. we will get your reaction to the proposed cuts and spending -- start dialing in now. while the president talked about his budget plan yesterday at an event in baltimore, on capitol hill budget chairman paul ryan responded. >> when i was sworn in as president and pledged to cut the deficit in half by the end of my first term. a the budget i am proposing today need to that pledge and puts us on a path to pay for what we spend by the middle of the decade. we will do that in part by eliminating waste and cutting whatever spending we c
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